Sometimes you just have to work with real, tangible materials. I don't always like what I make but I'm still glad I made it.


I love greeting cards but sometimes it's hard to find one that really speaks your mind. So I made these.
And these.
Working backwards! Type setting is like advanced OCD Lego. I LOVE IT. (in small doses)

Woodblock Printing

I don't know what it is about Woodblock Printing, but I love it. I prefer the texture of the wood over linoleum prints but linoleum is great too. Especially for carving text.

Here's an owl.
Mice are cute.
The wood carving on a Vandercook Press.

Radio Show!

It's not tangible but it sure is fun. Check out the MaxMix on RadioValencia.


I love to travel and to take pictures. I love traveling as an excuse to take pictures! See more here.


Bones! Fear not, I made this out of paper clay. I used pastels to create the patina. My good friend and wizard Matt Evans helped me make the armature out of plumber's epoxy and cardboard.
Glass is so beautiful. My fear of heat, fire, and burning keep me from making a million more of these.
Useless cups. My nod to Duchamp. A product of a conceptual art class I took at Berkeley.